Ending Voter Suppression

Ending Voter Suppression

Is it even possible to end voter suppression? Yes we can.

Considering all the dirty tricks Republicans have been using against the American people for decades, too many Americans believe secure online voting is not even possible – so therefore, we must continue this endless maze of voter suppression via polling stations, ballot issues, local officials screwing with the tabulation process….the list of tricks go on and on….institutionalized election tampering. We can completely avoid ALL OF THOSE DIRTY TRICKS by engaging in Social Security Voting.

Russiagate has quietly convinced too many Americans that secure online voting is not even possible due to hackers. It more than worth mentioning that the DNC was NOT utilizing 256-bit encryption on their server system when Russians allegedly hacked their system. Any 12-yr. old with a modem could have hacked the DNC system, but that’s another discussion for another time.

I’m here to tell you there is such a thing as secure online transactions, and there is no good reason not to utilize secure online voting.

The very idea that there is NO such thing as secure online transactions flies in the face of virtually every Fortune 500 company online operation in existence, including the nation’s major banks and our nation’s defense systems. Every minute of every day voters rely upon secure online systems to make secure online banking transaction without a hitch. There simply is no good reason why we cannot make secure online transactions to securely vote online.

By creating a federal agency (Dept. of Elections) and utilizing a secure system of 256-bit encryption, 2-step verification, voters could enjoy virtually FAIL-SAFE, HACKER-PROOF secure voting WITHOUT ALL THE DIRTY TRICKS REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN USING AGAINST VOTERS FOR DECADES!

So when was the last time you checked your Bank of America or Citicorp account only to find hackers stole your money? When’s the last time you ever heard of anyone stealing money directly from the secure accounts of the nation’s major financials institutions? The silence is deafening.

Republicans will ALWAYS OPPOSE the idea of secure online voting since Social Security Voting would virtually eliminate the effectiveness of traditional Republican dirty tricks: A.K.A. VOTER SUPPRESSION.

The Social Security Voting Act of 2020 would probably be rejected by non-progressive Democrat Party officials, due to several reasons; including Democrat Party officials don’t want national elections taken out of the hands of local state party officials because the truth is, they are accustomed to unduly influencing and even rigging national elections – via voting machine software and tabulation processes.

I cannot emphasize enough that secure online voting could virtually END VOTER SUPPRESSION against the American people.

On balance, it’s pure poppycock that Americans cannot securely vote online.